TORO Studios bring you world-leading digital production from Tairāwhiti, on the edge of Aotearoa, New Zealand.


World-leading because we are first.

First to see the light dance across our land each day. 

First to integrate a talent development pathway into a global studio that creates premium content for film, television and online.  First to provide young people in regional Aotearoa with access to an amazing global industry.

The meaning of TORO - Forging a new path, a new way.  A path for our youth into our industry.  A path for our industry from Tairāwhiti to the world.

Our values 

Whanokē  - innovative; being prepared to be different and unusual, edgy

Whānaungatanga  - kinship and connection; relationships through shared experience

Manaaki – supporting, offering care and protection.


  • A full-service production facility including digital animation, AR/VR, game development, VFX and motion capture

  • A collective of 20 of New Zealand’s production and creative tech companies

  • COVID-free global production environment

  • Favourable foreign exchange-rate

  • Access to a 40% screen grant via supportive government policy

  • Diversity of talent and stunning locations

  • Business-friendly production environment

  • World-class cyber security infrastructure

  • An end-to-end talent development ecosystem